GH13 Timelapser v0.1 released


Download it here




  • Phil says:

    I’ve used this a couple of times now and love it! I was starting to look for a time-lapse solution and was worried about life-expectancies of shutters, etc., when I found your post on dvxuser. Great timing!

    Thanks, for making this available!

  • Adam says:

    Thanks for making this!

    I was watching bicycle touring videos on Vimeo, happened upon your stuff, then serendipitously saw that you had created a solution to a problem I’ve been thinking about (making timelapses on the GH1 without an intervalometer).

    A bit of a roundabout way to find this little program, but effective nonetheless. Thanks!

  • Mike says:

    Thanks! I just bought a used GH1 on ebay and am hacking it as I type this.
    What a great little app!